1960 Dodge Dart Seneca

1960 Dodge Dart Seneca

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Removing Hood With
One man hood removal with Garagemate tool

Slant Six turbo
Out with the old...

Clip disassembled
Clip disassembled

Cam Card
Solid Lifter Cam Specs

Dodge Dart Seneca Dash Removed
Dash Removed for restoration, and wiring throughout


Media Blasted Parts
Misc. parts media blasted and ready for epoxy primer

Aluminum Dual Quad Manifold for 318 Poly
Aluminum Dual Quad Manifold for 318 Poly

Assembled Polyspherical Head
Assembled head

Dual valve springs single groove locks
Dual Valve Springs Single Groove Locks

Intake Port
Intake port

Exhaust Port
Exhaust Port

Manton Pushrods
Manton Pushrods

Scat 4.00 stroker crankshaft
Scat 4.00 stroker crankshaft

Assembled short block front

Assembled short block rear

Assembled short block with oil pan

2.02 1.60 stainless steel valves
2.02" / 1.60" Stainless Steel Valves

Assembled Dual Quad 318 Poly Stroker 390 CI
Assembled Dual Quad 318 Poly Stroker - 390 Cubic Inches




727 Torqueflight Manual valve body
727 Torqueflight Manual valve body
 with tailshaft for GearVendors over drive

Dash Shell Black
Dash Shell


Dash with switches and bezel
Dash with switches and bezel



Underside of instruments all of the gauges
 looked to be in great shape.


Gas gauge

A few parts in SEM hotrod black

Firewall down to bare metal

Boxed cross members

Boxed lower control arms
Boxed lower control arms


Shock tube
Shock tube


Epoxy primered firewall
PPG Epoxy primer on firewall



Epoxy primer on subframe
PPG Epoxy primer on subframe

Epoxy primer on subframe passenger side

Hot rod flatz satin acrylic urethane
I painted the frame with "Hot Rod Flatz"
Satin Black Acrylic Urethane

Frame painted hotrod flatz black

Alpine installed in Seneca no cutting.
No cutting on the car to install the Alpine.
Just a bit of grinding on the Alpine's case. I have since
replaced the volume knob with a knob that matches the
rest of the dash switches.

Rear of Alpine installation

Painted lower control arms
Blasted and painted


Working on the Seneca
At work in the garage


Firewall painted with PPG Acrylic Urethane
Finally back to white. I used PPG Acrylic Urethane

Close up of firewall
Closeup of firewall

Finally unwrapped

Now the re-assembly begins

Autometer Cruiser AD gauges. Voltmeter, Water Temperature, Oil Pressure
Autometer Cruiser AD gauges

Firewall reassembly
Firewall reassemby



Throttle bracket

Heater firewall plate



Scarebird Disc Brake Conversion
Scarebird disc brake conversion

318 Poly Engine Installation

Dual Quad 318 poly installed
Dual quad 318 poly installed

Dash Wired
Dash assembled and wired


I purchased a March pulley set that included an A/C bracket. The nice thing about their set is that you can run just the alternator by itself until you are ready to ad d the A/C. The brackets are entirely seperate, and use a seperate serpentine belt.

500CFM Edelbrock Carbs


The MSD Blaster2 coil and MSD6 box were relocated inside the car

7 months into my 2 month project, the dash is finally back in


1960 Doge Dart Dash

B&M Quicksilver shifter
Hurst Quicksilver shifter operating a CRT (Cope Racing Transmission) SB A 727 reverse pattern manual valve body transmission. Behind the 727 is a Gear Vendor overdrive unit

Autometer Cruiser AD Water Temp, Oil Pressure and Volt meters
Autometer Cruiser AD Water Temp, Oil Pressure and Volt meters.

Strange S60 S-trac differential 2004 Cobra rear disc brakes
Strange Engineering S-60 with 2004 Cobra rear disc brakes, S-Trac differential and 4.10:1 gears. Leaf springs are by Espo. Mopar pinion snubber is not visible.

1960 Dodge Dart Seneca at Old Time Gas Station - Wickenburg, AZ.
At "The Station" in Wickenburg, AZ

1960 Dodge Dart Seneca


"I love it when a plan comes together"

1960 Dodge Dart with Strange S60


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